Marina Sheversky B.Mus. M.Mus. BCRMTA CFMTA 

was born in Chișinău, Moldova (formerly part of the Soviet Union). She started playing piano from a very early age and knew instinctively that piano would be a large part of her life. In grade one, Marina enrolled herself in piano lessons. After displaying a high degree of aptitude, the head of the piano faculty selected and prepared Marina for entry into professional music school. Thus began her 17 years of dedicated professional musical education in piano and music theory. Completing her formal educational training in classical piano and theory, Marina Sheversky graduated from the renowned Odessa State Nezhdanova Conservatory of Ukraine, where she earned a Master Degree In Music with four different musical specialties: Solo Piano Performance, Collaborative Performance (group performance), Piano Accompaniment, and Piano Pedagogy (teaching). Marina solidified her own style under the fortunate tutelage of two renowned piano musicians. First Marina polished her skills and developed her own artistry through the master class in Solo Piano Performance by Alexey Botvinov, one of the world’s leading contemporary Ukrainian pianists.
Complementing her piano performance, Marina developed her philosophy and method of teaching through the master class with the great pedagogue and Professor of Piano, Alexander Kardaschew. The Odessa State Nezhdanova Conservatory is the oldest musical educational institution founded in 1913. Over it's storied 100+ years of existence more than 8,000 prominent musicians and music performers from Europe, Asia, Africa and America have been trained at the Odessa conservatory. Among them such distinguished names as: E. Gilels, B. Rudenko, D. Oystrakh, K. Dankevich, E. Chavdar, Y. Zak, N. Ogreniz and many others graduated from this prestigious institution. Immediately following her music college education, Marina started her teaching career, now spanning 30 years, when she took her first piano teaching role at the State School of Music in Chișinău, Moldova. Shortly after, she took a position at the Moldavian State College of Music also in Chișinău. In 1997, Marina came to Canada, settling in Toronto, then in Vancouver, all the while continuing her love of piano teaching through the establishment of her own private piano music studios in both cities.
As a teacher, Marina Sheversky is a member of BCRMTA (the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association) and a member of CFMTA (the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations); and has successfully completed the Examiner Apprenticeship Program to become a Member of the College of Examiners in Mississauga, Ontario. Her students consistently demonstrate a high level of knowledge and have great success at passing RCM Examinations in both piano and theory.
Advanced students often participate in music festivals and competitions. Numerous students have won awards in prestigious festivals such as Kiwanis and Davenport in Toronto, Ontario. No matter what age or ability, Marina looks forward to sharing her love of piano and music with you.