Fees & Schedule  




Grade 1-2



Grade 3-5



Grade 6-8



Grade 9-10



Payment Method


There are three payment options available: e-transfer, cheque or cash. Payments should be made on a monthly basis at the start of each month. All cheques must be made out to Marina Sheversky.

Studio Schedule


The studio is open from September through June (1st Semester: September - December, 2nd Semester: Januarary - June). The studio is open on most statutory holidays, and students are expected to attend lessons at their usual scheduled time unless arrangments have been made in advance to have the lesson rescheduled. You will be notified in advance of any studio closures. Students are encouraged to continue lessons over the summer months July and August.

Cancellations & Make-Up Lessons


Cancellations or missed lessons require a notification of at least 24 hours ahead. If no notice is given within 24 hours, the charge for the missed lesson will incur. No refunds or credits are applied under any circumstances if lessons are missed without due notice. Only up to THREE lessons per semester can be rescheduled. No lessons will be carried over to the next semester.

Other Considerations



Unnecessary interruptions are very distracting for students whose lessons are in progress. Please arrive no later than five minutes prior to the start of your lesson. There is no extension of lesson time for latecomers. However, if the teacher is late, the missed time will be made up.


Parental attendance 

I welcome parental attendance at lessons if the student does not object. 



Success in piano studies requires daily practice on a well-tuned instrument. As a minimum, aim for a daily practice session equal to the length of your lesson. You may wish to divide this time into two sittings per day. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s practice. You can support your children by eliminating distractions and creating a quite practice space, at a dedicated and regular time each day. 



Please register for exams only with the teacher's approval.



I encourage parents to contact me to discuss your child's progress and needs. With children, parental involvement is the best

way to ensure success. The combined efforts of student, parent, and teacher always produces a superior result.