The First Note


At the Piano Music Lessons Vancouver Studio high musical standards are combined with a warm and encouraging approach in a relaxed studio setting. Marina's deep foundation in classical Russian musical education allows students to effectively and directly address technical challenges resulting in rapid progression and breakthrough performance. Following the concept of “Piano Education for the Soul,” Marina brings to her teaching an attentive awareness of each student as a complete individual, drawing out their unique learning style, interests and abilities. This allows her to tailor each lesson plan to ensure that every student maintains a high level of self confidence, a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in their playing.

Teach In Harmony


Marina's philosophy is that while technical excellence is necessary to reveal the beauty of music, it's not the primary objective of expression in a piece of music. With this foundation, Marina teaches technical progression as an integral part of learning to capture the full gestalt of a piece of music in all of its immensity and glory. In Marina's studio, technical excellence is pursued continually and rigorously. Students begin working on scales, arpeggios and studies at a very early stage of the learning. Sight reading, ear training and theory awareness are considered as an integral part of the program and are woven practically into every one of the sessions. A strong emphasis is placed on the control of touch, tone balance and the correct hand position.

The Future Sounds Good


Marina believes that many technical problems can be solved by focusing the students’ hearing on the value of sound, which helps them recognize and prevent playing errors. Students continue to progress in ability outside of the studio, as practice assignments are clearly explained and are targeted at developing specific skills needed by that individual. For advanced students desiring formal certification through the RCM examination system, Marina offers a personal guarantee in passing the RCM exams. As a formally trained RCM examiner Marina offers her students unique insight into the grading system, enabling students to successfully prepare for both piano and music theory. To date, her students have demonstrated a 100% passing rate.

Above all, Marina's piano method emphasizes values that enrich the students’ minds, broaden their character and enhance their playing.

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